We never just design, we bring to life. For your brand to take shape and to work its magic we take your brand identity to heart and apply a coherent and clearly recognizable style to every item we design for you, portraying consistency and credibility. No matter what format or material.

Brochure design to business cards, we always make certain that our clients look great on paper or anything that comes out of a printing machine:

Flyers, leaflets, posters, brochures, newsletters, campaigns, business cards, letterheads, compliment slips, direct mailers, menus, folded leaflets, magazines, catalogues, booklets, books, banners, stickers, promotional items, packaging, presentation popup stands, large format print like billboards and signage … you name it, we can design and realise it.

Our solutions are well thought-out, smart approaches, which create interest and curiosity and are compelling. Every project at Blue Splat is looked after with a keen eye on detail and with great commitment to excellent quality and high standards to create aspirations, connect with the target audience and encourage customer loyalty. This means your marketing materials won’t just feel and look the part, but also help achieve your business goals.

Every project gets the upmost creative forethought. Before we start any design we will assess the brief, we will structure and organize the content ensuring that what’s most important obviously sticks out (like a blue splat on white paper). Your audience won’t miss the point.

We specifically design for your target group’s needs. We arrange information to be easily accessible and easily readable while bringing your messages across in the most effective way.

We can source or create images and illustration wherever needed.

Print design is versatile and after many years of producing artwork for print we have all the technical expertise, whatever your project involves – folding, perforating, die cutting, binding, gluing, embossing, matt or shiny finishes, packed in envelopes or folders…

Our green conscience means we commission printers who purchase their paper from suppliers who support sustainable forests. We also have available to us printers who only use soya-based inks, 100% renewable energy, water based coating and have extensive recycling policies. We also try and use printers who are Carbon Neutral through their whole process.

If you have something you need creating, challenge us to fulfil your brief…
It is our job to add value to your business.