We never just design, we inspire… It is our genuine passion and pleasure to not just make your business look amazing, but to inspire to take things further, to make things better, to start something new or just to enjoy something beautiful. At Blue Splat we believe that great branding has a hugely positive impact on your business success. Therefore it is important to get it right throughout.

You will proudly & comfortably wear your new brand. A perfect fit like sprayed on. We will work with you, listen to you and quiz you* until we fully understand your business, similar businesses and your customers. Having gained all the insight we develop a unique brand identity that will clearly and effectively communicate who you are and what you’re about. This allows your customers to instantly connect an idea and an emotion with your brand’s name, symbol, graphical appearance and tone of voice.

We research, we brainstorm, we sketch, we discuss, we digitally refine and we get your feedback and most of all while doing all that we always keep sight of your goals to make sure the design serves its purpose.

We craft brands that are instantly recognisable. We will consider the market around you to make sure your identity stands out and attracts your customer’s interest amid an overload of visual communication competing for their attention.

Our team will ensure that your brand identity works on a vast array of mediums, formats and materials consistently portraying your image across all your marketing and communications. Your brand guidelines document will keep future designs on track.

At Blue Splat, we passionately create new brands from scratch, even help you find the right name, rebrand existing brands to refresh their image or even repositioning a brand in a different market sector.

*Just some questions, nothing sinister…

Ultimately, we leave memorable marks, brands that tell their story and campaigns that grab attention.